By The Numbers

The numbers do not lie.

When you step on a scale and see a certain number, well folks, that’s what the number is.

When you are playing golf and you add up the numbers, well folks, that’s what the number is.

This morning, I had an encounter with two sets of numbers.  One was my blood sugar and the other was my eye pressure.  I had to to go my eye doctor for my quarterly pressure check.  My eyes need to be checked often because I have already had damage to my optic nerves due to glaucoma.

I knew that my eye doctor was going to ask for another number when I was seen.  Diabetics are open to all sorts of eye problems as well; so, she always monitors my blood sugar.  I was able to tell her that my last A1c was 6.4 (a number not bad at all for diabetics).  This morning, my blood sugar was 124.  A good number.

Happy to hear that my diabetes is still under good control, she took my pressures.  They had actually dropped from the month before and were at the lowest that they have been in a long time:  13 in each eye.

The numbers were in this morning and the numbers were good.  All I have to say to that is: Thank you, sweet Jesus!  🙂