Sometimes, It’s Necessary To Cry “Uncle”

We are in the midst of a huge renovation project.  Our President would probably say, “It’s huge.  Really big.  Bigger than anything you ever saw before.  Gigantic.”  🙂

It is, however, quite large.

And the vast majority of the work is being done in our mechanical rooms right now.  I think the noisier of the two rooms has to be the church mechanical room.  We have been listening to bangs and booms and drilling practically non-stop for the past several days as they move in the new equipment and put in new duct work.

It got so bad today that I decided to cry “uncle” and abandon ship for a while.  I just couldn’t take the banging any longer.  So, I went to the house, sat on the deck, and enjoyed the breeze as well as the relative quiet.  The only noises were the traffic on Calumet Avenue and the sounds of children yelling during recess at the local middle school.  That was all much quieter than the knocking through walls and floors.

I guess there are times that all of us give up in one way, shape, or form.  Some people might call it “tactical retreat”.  All I knew was that I wasn’t going to be able to handle the noise much more.

One of the reasons was that this shifting weather has given me a sinus headache from the bowels of Hades.  The sitting on deck and enjoying the breeze brought some relief.  However, this evening I realized what a horrible mistake that was when my eyes and throat were so itchy from the allergens to which I subjected myself from the winds.  Just can’t win for losing.

It will be an eye drop kind of evening, that’s for sure.

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