Our Annual Finances

This weekend, at all the Masses, I gave our annual Finance Report.  As usual, we are doing well.  Not as usual, however, we are going in debt.  That is due to our Capital Renovation project.  In short, we are

  • Replacing our old boilers and furnaces
  • Air conditioning the entire facility
  • Bringing in new and upgraded electrical service
  • Bringing in new gas service
  • Replacing a lot of plumbing
  • Replacing our Fire Alarm system
  • Replacing our phone system
  • Replacing our intercom system
  • Completely rewiring our internet system

The project will cost around $6.3 million.  Our loan from the diocese will be close to $2 million.

Some of the statistics shared from our annual finance report follow:


For a complete look at our annual report, you can go to our parish web page.

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