Promotions And Memorial Mass This Morning

This morning, we had the promotion ceremony at St. John the Evangelist Church in downtown Indianapolis.  It is a block away from the hotel.  Very convenient!

All the Ladies and Knights who receive any promotions were in attendance.  There are always some extra special recognitions as well.  One of them went to our former bishop, Bishop Melczek.  He received the Silver Palm of Jerusalem.

After the promotion ceremony, we had the annual Memorial Mass at which we pray for all deceased members of the Order.  The celebrant was Archbishop Charles C. Thompson.  He was really good.  His homily was short and to the point.  His style of celebration was very reverent but relaxed.  I liked him.

After lunch, we had our opening session with the keynote speaker, Cardinal Burke.  Many people were happy to see him there.

This evening, we had our States Dinner.  There are tables with state flags on them.  Everyone from their individual states sits together at the tables.  Dinner was very good.

Tomorrow is a big day.  It is the day of investiture, when new members are brought into the order.  We have three new members coming from the Diocese of Gary:   Bishop Donald Hying, Rev. Dominic Bertino, and Patricia Landowski.  Pat is one of my parishioners as well.  Her husband is already a member. It will be good to have her on board.  Tomorrow night’s dinner is a very formal affair.

Monday morning we have a “Pilgrim’s Mass” for any who remained overnight and then we all head on our ways back home.  I’m really excited about going back to the rectory because I hear that we have our power restored to the entire complex and that we no longer are running off that huge, noisy generator!  Yay.


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