Why Do I Always Do This To Myself?

Every time, every single time, that I come back from time away — whether it be a conference or other meetings or a vacation — I always jump back to work right away.

This afternoon, I returned from the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre conference that took place in Indianapolis.  I was rather fatigued when I got home.  It was raining all the way, several times very hard rain.  That takes a lot out of me as I drive through that kind of weather.

When I arrived home, I unpacked my bags and went to the office.  I did work there for a few hours before our weekly building meeting with the contractors.  After that meeting, I had a standing meeting with someone.  After that, I went to the Knights of Columbus meeting.  I haven’t been to one of their meetings in the past two months and wanted to let them know that I hadn’t forgotten about them.

Now, I’m just bushed and ready to collapse in bed.  Tomorrow will be another long day, with a meeting at the chancery on top of everything else.

I think I need to start my vacation countdown.  It will help to keep me sane!  🙂

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