Things To Do When It Gets Cold

It was cold today.  This morning was 40 degrees.  Tonight is supposed to go down to 25-30 degrees.  It was also raining all morning; so, in the cold weather, what does one do?  We went to the movies.

Disney Springs was the location, at the AMC 24.  We watched the new Star Wars movie.  This was my second time.  It was Fr. Brian’s first time.  He enjoyed it.

I really liked it because I picked up so much that I didn’t see initially.  As cold as the week is going to be, we will probably be back there for another movie or two.

The sun came out this afternoon for the first time this week.  It was a welcome sight.  Unfortunately, it brought absolutely no warmth with it.  Oh well, better times are coming.  And if they don’t we just spend more time in doors.  In doors or out doors, we’re on vacation. 🙂

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