Rain, Rain, Go Away

Hey, it works!

Today was supposed to be filled with thunderstorms in the afternoon.  I went out in the morning to Magic Kingdom.  There were very few clouds in the sky and the sky was a beautiful clear blue.  And it was drizzling most of the morning.

I was surprised to see that the Magic Kingdom still had the majority of their Christmas decorations, including their tree, up.


And, of course, a trip to the Magic Kingdom would not be complete without going under the sea (especially on a rain day!)

So, as the afternoon came, dark clouds came rolling in.  I thought it would be best to abandon the park and return to the resort before the rains.  I got back about 2:30 p.m.  Not a drop.  We had more rain with clear skies than we did with dark clouds.  Go figure.

Dinner tonight was at Disney Springs:  Chef Art’s Homecomin’.  Not much to write home about.  The food was extremely salty and they used a ton of sage in many of their meals.  We’ve checked that restaurant off of our list.  We’ve tried it.  We didn’t like it.  We won’t be returning.

When we got back, Fr. Brian and I realized that our rooms were a bit warm and stuffy.  We finally turned our air conditioning on for the first time since we’ve come down for vacation.  Thus far, the heater has been running.  Wow.  This is a year for the books, weather-wise.  However, we have been getting in a lot of relaxing and that counts for a LOT.


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