For Better Or Worse, I’m Home

Well, even though I said I didn’t want to come home, here I am.  I made it!  🙂

The trip home was quicker than any I have had in the past.  We left Orlando on time.  The captain told us that, due to the tailwinds expected, we would get to Chicago earlier than expected.  We landed almost a half hour early.

It was a pretty bumpy flight all the way from Florida.  As a matter of fact, the captain never turned off the seat belt sign.  He kept us in the seat because of the bumpy weather.  It wasn’t as bad as a James Bond cocktail — shaken, but now stirred — however, it was bumpy.

As we approached Chicago, the captain told us that the crosswinds were at 35 miles an hour.  Because of the winds (and Midway’s short runways), we came in very “hot”.  It was the fastest landing I’ve had there.  We landed fast and hard and then he threw the reverse thrusters into action.  The stewardess even joked about it afterward.  She said that we could now turn our phones on, in case anyone wanted to call a chiropractor.

Because we got home early, we hit the roads before rush hour got into full swing.  I made it home from Midway faster than ever before.  We were exceptionally lucky all the way around.

So, now I am home and am getting myself ready for the weekend.  The best way to prepare?  Going to bed early tonight!  See you tomorrow.

I like take offs and landings.  Hope you enjoy them.

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