A Final Farewell

Today, the community rallied for a final farewell to Officer Joe Pacheco.  I was gratified to see so many people come to the funeral to show support to his wife and children and other family members as well as to his extended police family.  The past months have been hard on all of them as they struggled to help him face his life-threatening brain cancer.

Today, was a celebration of victory.  As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ destroyed death and restored life for all of us on that Easter morn.  Because of that, we have a firm faith that Joe now enjoys that victory.  Joe was a marathon runner.  He knew the special joy of being able to cross a finish line.  Afterwards, he would be presented with a medal.  (He had over sixty marathon medals displayed in the church at his wake yesterday.)

Imagine his incredible joy when he crossed that eternal finish line and stepped into heaven!  His life is now complete.  Ours still need to be lived.  May we do so with the same courage and conviction by which he lived his life!

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