Word Of The Day: Stupid!

I’m sorry.  Call me heartless.  Call me cruel.  Call me a clod.  Call me insensitive. However, I have said it before and I will say it again:  You can NOT “fall” off a balcony of a cruise ship without really trying!

I saw on Facebook a little bit ago about two people who “fell off” of balconies on two different Carnival cruise ships.  Have you ever taken a cruise before?  Ever had a balcony cabin?  Then you know that there is no way possible to “fall” off the balcony.  The railings are high enough for you to lean on and enjoy view.  You can look over the side while propped by the railing.  The only way to “fall” off is if you intentionally climbed up on the railing.

If you’re doing that, you’re just plain ol’ stupid.  It is not the fault of the cruise line, it’s the fault of someone’s stupidity.  (Gosh, ask me how I really feel about this! 🙂 )

I know some parents who do not want to get balconies because their younger children are climbers.  That is wise.  Because you can fall from the balcony if you climb the side and stand on the railing.  If you do not climb, though, you’re not going to fall.

The only way truly to fall off the balcony is if you are standing on the balcony and the ship tips 90 degrees.  However, if it does that, you’ve got bigger problems than worrying about your balcony.  The whole ship is going to go down with you.

Now, being blown off a ship?  That’s possible.  That is why in extremely windy weather (we’re talking hurricane strength winds) ships often close off the promenade decks and upper decks.  They do it so you cannot be blown off or swept off the promenade by ultra high waves.  They do it more, though, so that you are not struck by flying debris such as deck chairs.

But, “falling off a balcony”, nah.  Not going to happen.


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