Wash, My Friends. Wash!

You know, sometimes things really do have simple solutions.  There is a wicked flu bug going around right now.  So many people are frightened about getting it.  Well, there’s a simple solution:  wash.  Most especially, wash your hands.  Wash your hands coming and going.  Wash your hands after you have contact with others.  Wash your hands if you touch other things that are used by many others: banisters, elevator buttons, door handles, et cetera.

And, before you wash, do not touch your face, especially, do not wipe your eyes.  The easiest way to get some of those germs into a system is via our mouth or eyes.

Follow the old adage, “cleanliness is next to godliness”.  If you keep clean, your chances of contracting the bug decrease quite a bit.

And, for God’s sake, if you have the bug, stay home.  If you cough, cover your mouth.  Try not to get into contact with others.  Spare others the problems that you are having.

Good luck to all as we continue battling the flu bug this year!

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