Well, you could say that Friday the 13th did not have anything bad to offer. We got in port on time this morning, I got up on time and went to breakfast, finished packing, and left my room. I got off the ship with no problem and headed to the bus for Fort Lauderdale airport. The wait to leave was fifty minutes (I had just missed the previous bus) but that was fine because I had to sit outside the airport for two hours before I could check in. Southwest Airlines only allows you to check in no earlier than four hours before your flight.

So, at 11:50 a.m., I checked in for my 3:50 p.m. flight.

I got through security with no problems and then waited at the gate for our departure. Two flights around us were delayed because of no flight crew. It looked like ours was going to be the same. The flight crew for our flight was at the gate next to us on an incoming flight. They had to get everyone off their flight first before the could come over and do a safety check on our plane.

We left Fort Lauderdale Airport 35 minutes late but made all but 2 minutes of that up in the air.  Great job, Southwest!

I got home, called my Aunt and let her know I was safe and sound, wrote this, and now am going to bed.

G’night, world. See you tomorrow!

P.S. I can’t wait for my Symphony of the Seas sailing at the end of October! 🙂

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