Today Was Long

I’m not going to lie: today seemed to go on forever. When I travel, I usually get really fatigued on the travel home. Yesterday was no different. I came home after a long day and hit cooler weather that went straight to my arthritic limbs and sinuses. As I type this now, I’m listening to the rains outside. My head is saying, “What’s going on?!”

I had the morning Mass and followed that up with a 10:00 a.m. funeral.  After the funeral, Fr. Jordan and I went out to lunch. When I came back, I took a quick nap and then worked on my bulletin page for next Sunday until afternoon confessions.

When I came back from confessions, I had a quick bite to eat (some oatmeal and fresh fruit) and then worked on the bulletin some more.

Now? I cannot think straight anymore and need to go to bed. Tomorrow’s another day.

G’night, all. Blessings!

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