I Lied

Yesterday, I said that there was nothing that we can do about the heat.  We just have to take what we get.

Well, I lied.  Apparently, there IS something that we can do about the heat.  Something, as a matter of fact, that we must do about the heat.  Many of us need to stay indoors.

Tomorrow (Sunday) has been declared an extreme heat warning day and tomorrow as well as Monday are ozone alert days.  For people like me who have cardiac conditions or who have respiratory conditions, prolonged exposure to the outside weather can be devastating.  
Exercise caution.  Make sure that you drink a lot of fluids if you have to be outdoors.  If you are elderly or have any health problems, stay indoors if at all possible.
Additionally, if you know of any elderly people or people with health conditions in your neighborhood, do a wellness check on them to make sure that they are weathering the heat without any problems.  You just might save a life by dropping in to see someone!

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