It’s New Year’s Eve Again

Yep.  New Year’s Eve.  Only for a different year.  This year is the fiscal year.  And, on the fiscal year, most dioceses base their change of personnel.  This morning, Fr. Jordan celebrated the 8:30 a.m. Mass and then turned over his keys and his garage door opener to Fr. Andrew as tomorrow officially begins their new assignments: Fr. Andrew will become a priest-in-residence at St. Thomas More and Fr. Jordan will be on a leave of absence from the Diocese of Gary as he pursues his vocation in the Dominican Order.

This New Year’s Eve is not necessarily a cause for celebration.  There will be no fireworks.  But, a change has come about.

I wish Fr. Jordan the best of luck as he pursues his vocation in the Dominicans and I welcome Fr. Andrew in residence in order to provide sacramental help to St. Thomas More.

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