Our Annual Picnic

This afternoon, we had over four hundred parishioners turn out for our annual parish picnic.  It’s just a nice afternoon spent with parish family.  We have a local caterer prepare the main course — pulled pork, grilled hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, and chicken tenderloins — as well as the salad.  We have cookies and refreshments and a complimentary shaved ice stand outside with several different flavors (I had cherry and butterbeer — Mmmmm, good!)

Thanks to all who organized the event, set up, and/or cleaned up.  Thanks to our scouts for not only helping in the set up and clean up efforts but who also did our flag ceremony.  They’re top notch!

And now, to end the blog post for the evening, I leave you with a little boy who wants to make people smile because there’s too much sadness in the world:

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