One Down, One Good Report, One To Go

I had my appointment with my internist today.  My lab numbers were really good and he was happy with the results.  My cholesterol is absolutely wonderful, ala medication, that is.  Nonetheless, the number are looking good.  My A1C is slightly below the threshold so he is happy with that.  My blood pressure was 116/70, so he was very pleased with that.  All told, everything was looking good.  I see him again in five months.

I heard from the pacemaker department.  I transmitted my monthly data dump last night.  Leads are stable.  No arrhythmias reported.  Fluid level was a little low.  I said, “What?”  She said, “are you using too much lasix?”  I said, “I don’t use lasix.”  “Oh.”  Well, maybe drink a little more fluid.  Battery life is two years and four months.  All is well.  Check up in another month.

I see my cardiologist this coming Wednesday so will let you know how that goes then.

Since we’re dwelling on doctors and reports, I thought I’d share what I stumbled across today.  I haven’t laughed so hard in ages!

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