Do I Have To?

So now, today, I sit in front of my keyboard, hands poised to type and looking dully at my monitor.  I’m thinking to myself, “Did I really promise to try to write something every day, as first intended?!”  I want to know the record for breaking New Year’s Resolutions and wonder if I would be given a break if I decided not to write anything today.

Then, it made me think about Vatican II.  Yeah, I know, that might sound kind of lame; however, “Church” stuff does roam around inside my head more than others.  Probably the occupational hazard of wearing a clerical collar.  🙂

After the Second Vatican Council, the Roman Catholic Church issued a decree to all religious orders.  They were instructed to get back to their original charism.  Many had gone far from their founders’ intentions and it was the Church’s hope that they would return to their original missions.  Some of the orders did find their way back.  Other orders dissolved as they realized that they had no reason to exist, that they were so far away from what they were founded to do that they would never find their way back.

Resolve is one thing.  Stick-to-itiveness is another.  That brings me back to today.  I’m not that far away from my original resolve.  My purpose for this blog was to write something every day.  Most times it would be something about myself, my family, my job, my thoughts, my feelings, my health, et cetera.  Sometimes, it went to posting random pictures or other arcane things.  But, I think, by and large, I posted something every day.    I’m just trying to get back to the original intention of posting words.

[Okay, let me stop there and put this through a word check.  Do I have enough to turn this assignment in, teacher?  🙂 ]

I guess I -can- write that I am beat.  These past two weeks have been pretty exhausting.  I do not think most people know the “stress” involved in major holidays/holy days grouped so close together.  Saturday/Sunday Masses followed by Monday/Tuesday Masses basically following the same Sunday schedule, throwing in an extra (Midnight) Mass for Christmas can get pretty exhausting.  Even more, it can get confusing.  When celebrating “weekend Masses” after already celebrating weekend Masses can make you lose track of days.  What day is today?  I have it on good authority that it is Tuesday but you couldn’t prove it by me.  Add a couple of funerals at the end of the week, shake it all together, and I no longer know which end is up!

On Friday, I will be going to Michigan City to a title company to  turn over my condo.  I am glad that it has sold and will be happy that it closed before leaving for my vacation.  That’s one less thing off of my mind.  I would have been happier if we could have had closing before the end of the year; but, that was not going to happen.  It will just go into this tax year.

This coming Sunday is “golden day” for me.  After my 6:30 and 8:00 a.m. Masses, I will be picked up for a ride to Midway Airport and will leave for my post-holiday vacation.  Disney is calling and I’m going to answer that call!

Disney is calling and I must go.  How’s -that- for stick-to-itiveness?  🙂

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  1. I’m glad that “Disney is calling”. Have a great and relaxing time! It goes without saying… YOU WILL BE MISSED. (But that’s o.k.) God Bless… and THANK YOU! Pat Kish

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