All A Matter Of Perspective

I shared with you last week that I was able to find a transatlantic cruise on Royal Caribbean for November 2020 at a price $2,000 less than another cruise line for the same type room (balcony, single passenger).  After booking, the wait began — 669 days as of today, but who’s counting 🙂 — and, for many, it will be a long wait.

Which was why I had a good chuckle yesterday.  On a Facebook page created for our cruise, someone wrote: “It’s January 1st 2019 so we can now say we sail next year!”  Yeah, that was certainly true.  Instead of saying it’s almost two years to our cruise, we can easily say we sail next year and make it feel that much closer.

Those are the kinds of things that we do for ourselves on a pretty regular basis.  We always try to find ways to make a long wait feel shorter.  That works for us and it can also work against us.  If we become too proficient at making things appear quicker, before we know it, time appears to be going way too fast and we can feel as if we are caught in a time warp.  (No, I won’t post a link to The Time Warp here.  That would just be too dumb.  Hey, wait a minute.  Nothing is too dumb for me…)

When time goes too fast for us, we begin to try to hold on to anything to feel more rooted.  One of the things we hold on to is tradition.  Ah, yes.  Tradition. This evening, I am being taken to Chicago to see Fiddler on the Roof.  Can’t wait.  Will probably blog about it tomorrow.

And tomorrow will only be 668 days before my next transatlantic cruise on board the Allure of the Seas!

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