Well, what can I say, Fiddler on the Roof was fantastic!  The show was cast really well, the music was spot on, and the acting was superb.  It was also one of those moments when I time traveled (no, I’m not going to time warp tonight).

You see, Fiddler was one of the more important shows in my high school career.  It was a show where I got to showcase my musical talent playing in the pit band.  It was also a time where I made some lifelong friendships that I treasure.  It was a show filled with energy and excitement, and I didn’t want it to end.

However, as I soon learned, everything ends.  That’s the down side.  However, when things end, other things begin.  That’s the up side.  I have taken those lessens with me throughout my life.

My time as a “homeowner” is soon to end.  Tomorrow, I have an appointment with the title company in Michigan City to sign over my condo.  I will miss it but look forward to what might come after.  That’s one ending and beginning I am dealing with.

Another ending that I am dealing with, and something much more personal, is my aunt’s impending death.  She has been “trying” to die for almost a year.  In March 2018 she was admitted to hospice.  Her time in hospice has been extended twice already.  She has even surprised the hospice nurses with her longevity.  She wants to die but is still alive.  She is weaker each day and looks forward to the next step.  I pray for her every day and thank God in my prayers that she is, at least, not suffering.  Her morale is low because she is incredibly weak.  She has been active her entire life so that is a real burden to her.  But, at least she has minimal pain.

All things end.  When they end, there are new beginnings.  I pray that her end is peaceful and her new beginning is triumphant.

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