I’m Homeless

Just, thankfully, not homeless like all those who live on the streets.  My homelessness is a good thing.  I closed on the sale of my condo this afternoon.  It was put up for sale about seven months ago and it finally had a purchaser.

The couple who bought it are from northern Wisconsin and wanted a place that they could stay at when they came down to the Michigan area to visit family a couple times a month.  They have a dog and this helps them since they do not have to look for pet-friendly hotel rooms any more.  It helps me as well since I don’t have to worry about my unit being empty so often.

I was spending $277/month on HOA fees and I will be glad to stop that.  My final pay was a little over $35 for my share of the month.  Paid willingly and gladly.  No more utilities, no more property taxes, no more HOA fees.  At least, not yet.  If/when I find another place for myself, I will have some money to put down.  Until then, I will find the best place to put the money so that it grows the greatest amount of interest.

I want to give a head’s up to Jack Zahrndt from @properties for selling my place for me!

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