Lazy Sunday

My Sunday began in a very lazy manner today.  The three of us decided that we were going to go to Cape May’s character breakfast buffet at 9:00 a.m.  We had to be careful “crossing the street” getting there as the Boardwalk walkways were jam-packed with the Disney Marathoners and they have priority.  We had to cross the walks when there were gaps in the running groups.

When we got to the Beach Club, we were ushered in to our table.  In short order, we met some of the characters.

In the afternoon, I went into EPCOT for about four hours, walking around, enjoying the sights, listening to music and watching street performers as well as taking in the drummers at Japan.  They are always awesome.

In the evening, we went to Disney Springs for dinner at The Boathouse.  It’s a fantastic place for steaks or seafood.  After dinner, we went to the gelato store and then came home for the night.

After the sun and fresh air and copious walking this afternoon, this tyke is ready for bed.  I have no plans for tomorrow.  I’ll see how the day unfolds as it unfolds.  G’night, all.

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