Sunny But Cool

Today was a sunny, but cool, day.  However, I’ll take it considering what they are now getting back home.  I guess I have to start steeling myself up for winter weather when I return home.  We had been incredibly fortunate thus far and we all knew that winter would visit us one day.  Sounds like it is trying to claim the season.

When  I went into EPCOT first thing this morning, I saw a very interesting sight outside of Canada: the royal carriage and attendants waiting for the ride and groom to return from their wedding.

I spent some time at EPCOT walking more than anything else.  I went into MouseGear to see some of their souvenirs.  Then, I went to Disney Springs. One of the first things I did was to take a picture of one of my buddies.  I am fascinated by him, have been for years, and take a picture of him every year that I go down.  He is starting to fade a bit from the sun but is still a magnificent creature. 🙂

While there, I got lunch at Blaze Pizza.  I had never been there before and thought I’d try it.  I got the equivalent of a margherita pizza and an arugula salad with blue cheese and fruit (strawberries and blueberries) with a balsamic glaze salad dressing.  Very fresh and very good.

As I was leaving, I was taking a picture of the balloon at Disney Springs and was intrigued to see a rainbow playing in the water spray of the pond.

This evening, we went to one of our favorite restaurants — okay, okay, every restaurant we have gone to has been among our favorites and we visit them every year — Boma at the Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Boma is their African buffet.  If you wanted a sit down meal, you could go right across the hall to Jiko.  It is a great restaurant for menu selected meals.  Either place is a winner, though Boma usually gets our vote and our reservation.

I really like the buffet but have to say that it is far overshadowed by the resort itself.  What a place!

 And then, there’s the outside and the animals

All in all, a place that I never tire visiting.  And the meals aren’t bad all all, either!

Can you guess where I will be tomorrow?  I haven’t the foggiest inclination where I want to begin my day.  I’m really playing it by ear.  I’ll let you know tomorrow night.  The only plans we have for tomorrow are dinner plans at The Flying Fish right here on the Boardwalk.

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