Animals Everywhere!

This morning, I decided to head into the Animal Kingdom with Fr. Brian.  We headed to the safari ride but there was already a fifty-five minute wait time so we decided to go through the Gorilla Exploration area to see the animals, birds, and fish.  I’ll let the following pictures do the talking for me tonight.

Afterwards, Fr. Brian went over to Asia to ride the Mt. Everest ride and search for the Yeti.  I went the opposite direction in search of Pandora.  The wait lines were way too long for both attractions; but, I got a lot of pictures of the area.

Tonight, we went to The Flying Fish on the Boardwalk.  We have been coming to this restaurant every year at least one time.  It has never failed to provide a wonderful meal in a beautiful environment.  My pictures certainly do not do it justice.

Inside, these “bubbles” of glass hang all throughout the restaurant.  In the center of the restaurant,  crystal fish “swim” through the bubbles.

My meal tonight was Hokkaido scallops with antebellum grits and sweet corn with a pepper sauce reduction around the meal.  Scrumptious!

After dinner, I went souvenir shopping for a couple of people.  I was mostly successful.  One person who asked me to find something is going to be disappointed because the item is not available.  I got everything else, though.  A good day!   What tomorrow brings, I haven’t the foggiest.  I’m just “going with the flow.”

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