Finding The Magic

This morning, I went into the Magic Kingdom.  The reason that I went there was because I played my old, favorite game at the bus area:  bus roulette.  I went on the very first bus that arrived at the shelter.  It was the Magic Kingdom.  When there, I hit some of the old classics like the Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Tiki Room.


Then, the flowers and Tikis got into the act.  🙂

I also went to the presentation in the Hall of Presidents.  It is a very dignified presentation of the history of the presidency.  Anyone who attends get a very quick, unbiased, and fair civics lesson.

Afterwards, I got some castle pictures in.


This evening, we took the bus to the Magic Kingdom and then walked to the Contemporary to have dinner at Chef Mickey.   The restaurant, in my opinion, is the best character meal on property.  I felt like a kid as I waited for the characters to come around the tables for pictures.  I even took a couple of selfies with some of them.




All in all, today was a magical day.  I’m hoping tomorrow is just as magical because it is also my last full day here for this year’s vacation.  Friday morning, we will check out of the resort and, I imagine, will be picked up around Noon for our bus trip to the airport.  I’m hoping that there are not any bad delays due to the weather.  From the forecast, it looks like we will be flying in between two bad weather fronts Thursday and Saturday.  If it can refrain from ice/snow on Friday afternoon and evening, we’ll be okay.  If it does snow, we might be in for a longer time getting home.

Heck, I’ll volunteer staying down here a few extra days while the weather up north settles itself down some.  🙂

That’s it for today.  G’night, all.



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  1. I loved the pictures! And you look relaxed and happy! It does my heart good to see you as you really are… not a care in the world! I look forward to your return… but not to the “problems” . Lean on the people who are there to help. (I don’t need to tell you this.) God Bless! Pat Kish

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