My Last Day On Disney Vacation 2019

Today was it for me.  My last full day.  Tomorrow, I will fly back home and get ready for a busy weekend “at work”.  Today and tomorrow morning, though, are still vacation days.

This morning, I began my last day in EPCOT.  I went straight to Norway in the World Showcase to go on the ride, Frozen Ever After.  There was a ten minute wait time for the show because I went in as soon as the park opened. The video is rather hurky-jerky as the ride bounced around a lot.  But, it gives you a good idea of what the ride is all about.  I was in the front of the boat, so had an unobstructed view.

After Frozen, I crossed the park and went to Journey Into Imagination to see my good friend, Figment.

After the ride, I went up to the DVC visitor’s lounge above Journey Into Imagination.

From there, I went to The Land and got on one of my favorite classic rides.

Throughout the morning, I also took videos of the monorails.  I really love them!

This evening, Kyle, Fr. Brian, and I went to Morimoto of Asia for our “last supper”.

I had crab rangoon for an appetizer and then had the same sashimi combo that I had the other night.  As a matter of fact, I talked it up so much that Kyle and Fr. Brian got the same entree.  They loved it as much as I did! 🙂

As I type this, I hear the fireworks at EPCOT exploding in the sky.  I’m feeling a bit sad that vacation is coming to an end but am ready to get back to work.  I’ve already got the dates set for next year’s vacation as well!

So, I hope you all enjoyed my vacation notes.  Tomorrow night, I will probably post a “woe is me, I’m home” kind of blog note.  G’night, all.

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