Living Vicariously

I know a few parishioners who are on vacation right now and I also have a couple of friends who are on vacations as well.  I must admit that I have been living vicariously through them.  This place has been awful this past week with the sub-zero temps and wicked wind chills.  I couldn’t be anywhere else, so I had to fantasize being somewhere else by listening to their vacation stories and seeing their vacation pictures.

I now know more completely now some of my friends feel when they tell me that they “go on vacation” with me whenever I go on my cruises or to Disney.  They rely on pictures being posted on Facebook and stories being related on Facebook or in this blog.

As I am able to provide some relief for others when I go on vacation, I have found relief and refuge in the pictures of some of my friends on vacation.  I may not have been able to get there to the sun and surf and sand; but, I feel as if I were able to feel the warm breeze on my face every so often!

I guess that’s what friends are for!  🙂

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