The Perfect Image Of Today’s Person

I was browsing the internet earlier today and ran across the following picture.  I laughed and laughed and then laughed some more. 🙂  I don’t think anything quite portrays many people in society better than this picture.

I have to admit that I am often that fourth monkey as well.  Technology has been a wonderful servant to us.  However, many of us have become enslaved by that same technology.

I remember when I first purchased a “mobile phone”.  It was far from mobile.  That bag weighed a lot of money.  However, it gave me the chance to make and receive calls from my car.  I thought that was a boon since I would often be out of the rectory and the secretary could contact me.

Who would have thought that those earlier “bag phones” would become small personal computers that we would carry with us every moment of every day?  Considering the cost of some of the first apps, who would have thought that so many apps would become available to us at no cost?

Technology keeps improving our lives.  Let’s continue to use it judiciously lest it enslave us and make our lives worse instead of better.

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