What’s Next On The Weather Line Up?

I am still reeling from the crazy weather we have been getting.  Tomorrow, it is supposed to get into the mid-40’s, only to plunge back down to 10 degrees on Friday.  This up and down seesaw is supposed to continue for a couple of weeks yet.  I’m so confused.

Then again, it doesn’t take much to confuse me.

I have to remember not to eat or drink anything after this blog post.  Tomorrow morning, I go in to have blood drawn for my doctor’s appointment next Monday.  I can only hope that they are not going to be too bad, especially my A1c.  That measures the amount of sugar in the system over a three month period.  This past three months included my transatlantic cruise, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Disney.  I’m a little worried that those number will make a slight uptick.

Well, I’ll find out Monday.

For now, it’s bedtime.  Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day a day early to all of you who read this regularly!

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