One Down, One To Go

Doctors’ visits this week: my internist and my cardiologist.  I saw my internist this morning, cannot say enough good about him!  When I was first ordained and teaching at Bishop Noll, I began looking for a new doctor because the doctor I use to have, my cousin, was no longer practicing.  A parent of one of my students told me the only doctor should would go to and recommend.  I went to him and have been seeing him ever since.  It was very convenient when I was at Noll and at St. John Bosco because his office was across the street from St. Margaret Hospital.  Now that I have been in Munster for fifteen years, it is just as convenient because he had relocated to the offices by Community Hospital!

Overall, the appointment was good.  My A1c was up slightly — diet related, I know; however, I am a stress eater and I have been under an incredible amount of stress lately — as well as my weight.  I think I gained two or three pounds since my last appointment four months ago.  I can easily attribute that to three things:
1. Christmas
2. Disney
3. A weak will

Wednesday, I will see my cardiologist and see what he has to say.  He has four month’s worth of transmissions from my pacemaker.  My heart skips beats a lot; but, I was told from the onset of all of this that it would because of the damage my heart sustained many years ago from a virus.  It’s all a part of living, eh?  I guess I’d rather put up with that and be alive than the alternative. Though, the alternative is what our souls long for more than life.  What a conundrum.

Hey, folks, I know that some of my recent blog posts have been a little bit down.  I told you a long time ago that you would know what was on my mind.  Rest assured, though, that I am fine.  I am stressed out and, because of that, a bit anxious.  Nothing that I cannot handle, though.  Don’t worry about me when I write about it.  It helps me get it out.  Worry about me if you see several days of no posts.  That would not be good because, after all, I’m an extrovert and always talk.  For me, talk is good — silence is bad. 🙂

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