Lions And Tigers And Numbers, Oh My!

The only thing more frightening than lions and tigers and bears is numbers.  To a person who does not like math, sitting through hours of budget and review meetings can be a nightmare.  Today, I had to be present at the diocesan offices for several hours to hear the different department heads present their budget justifications for the next fiscal year.

Whenever it comes to numbers, my eyes glaze over and my head spins. 🙂  Well, maybe that’s not entirely true; however, I would rather do other things like having all my teeth extracted without novocaine than talk about numbers for several hours.

What helps me through it all is knowing that it is not the numbers that are important, it is the service that will be provided because of the budget numbers.  That makes the meetings more tolerable.

If I am going to be entirely truthful here, I would have to say it is not the idea of numbers themselves that make my head spin.  It is the idea of sitting in meetings for several hours.  I am not a meeting person.  My idea of a good meeting is getting in, presenting the material, coming to conclusion, and getting out again to do the work.  Sitting and talking, talking, talking, talking, talking, talking . . . well, that’s not my cup of tea.

Give me a quick meeting and I am a friend for life.  Give me lengthy meetings and I’d rather have the lions and tigers and bears.

Oh, my.

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