There’s Only So Much A Person Can Take

I know that I sound like a perpetual grump — hey, for all I know that’s what I’m going to become in my old age (some might say I’m there already! 🙂 ) — but I absolutely hate this weather.

Our resident priest and I went out to lunch this afternoon.  The rain was that absolutely horrid kind.  You know: cold and deceiving.  It looked like it was barely raining but between the car and the restaurant and back again, we had become soaked.  It was also accompanied by a dark, ugly, unwelcoming sky.  When I got back to the rectory, I did the only thing possible to fight against this kind of day.  I took a nap!

After my nap, I went over to the church and unlocked the doors for afternoon confessions and evening Mass.  Confessions at 3:30 p.m., Mass at 5:30 p.m., lock and alarm the church building afterwards, and back to the house.  It’s cold, wet, and foggy.  Soon, the winds are supposed to begin.

There’s only one way to fight all of that.  An extended nap.  It’s actually called going to bed early!  See you tomorrow.

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