Did You Remember Everything?

Last night, when we went to bed, we set our clocks ahead one hour as we began Daylight Saving Time.  The annual ritual of setting our clocks ahead one hour — or, in the fall, setting our clocks back one hour — should be coupled with another annual rite: checking and/or replacing smoke detector batteries.

Some smoke detectors are hardwired and the owner does not need to worry about batteries.  Most, though, are battery operated.  As a matter of fact, there are some hardwired detectors that also employ the use of batteries to provide coverage should there be a power outage.

Not all detectors emit a noise when a battery is dying.  Even if they do, we might not be in the house when the battery goes.  That is why a best practice is to replace the batteries in smoke detectors — and carbon monoxide detectors — annually.  To think that something so inexpensive could lead to the cause of death.  Some people do not check their detectors and, when a fire happens, do not get warned in time.

We have turned our clocks forward an hour.  That is a clear signal that spring is on the way.  Do you want to be alive to enjoy it?  Change your batteries.