A Different Pace

Today has been different, as will the rest of the week.  We have been rather busy around here the past couple of weeks, largely due to the season of Lent and some of the extras that come with that season, e.g., confessions, services, First Confession, et cetera.  On top of the busy schedule, we add the running of the school.  There is always something happening at the school either academically or in extracurricular activities.

That’s what makes today and the rest of the week different:  the kids are gone.  Yep.  This is spring break.  While we might be busy on our end of the building, the school is empty.

That being said, we have a busier level of non-busy happening this spring break.  We are using the absence of the students to work on further capital improvements.  Part of the process includes changing over equipment for our internet and phone service.  We will be out of service off and on throughout the week and largely without service the middle of the week.  That will make things a little crazy as we do not know exactly what to expect.

I hope our students, faculty, and administration enjoy their time off this week.  It will be a mad dash to the end of the school year after they return.  I can’t believe that’s right around the corner as well!