Next Thing I Knew…

Wham.  I had a pie in my face!

Our students did a fundraiser for brain cancer research.  They purchased chances at having their name drawn to pie several people: four teachers, the principal, and me.

My guy did a great job planting the pie on my face.  There it is, holding firm even though he had let go.  I’ve never quite had whipped cream go in so many places.  My eyes had the whipped cream in them, my hair had whipped cream mousse, my ears had whipped cream and, a half hour later, when I blew my nose after sneezing, whipped cream came out of my nose.

A half hour after the student assembly, I had a meeting.  I made a rudimentary attempt at cleaning up beforehand; however, my hair and face were sticky and I smelled like vanilla.  I was never more happy to be able to take a shower after that meeting!

But, to the students, I have this to say: I’m extremely proud of all of you for raising $1,500 for brain cancer research!