First, Buy A Big Hammer

Second, feel free to bonk me over the head the moment that I complain about the heat this summer!  It’s over for me.  I have declared my hatred of all things cold.  This weather has got to end.  If I complain about the heat later this year, I deserve everything that comes my way!  🙂

I’ve been shivering all day.  This afternoon, our principal, our president, and I went to our weekly lunch meeting.  We chose a restaurant that, wouldn’t you know it, was having issues with their heating.  They sat us in a part of their restaurant that had no heat.  When we mentioned it, we were told that the heat was working in the bar area.  Guess where we ended up eating?  We got up and went over to the table in the bar area where there was some warmth.

I can’t imagine a place attempting to seat people in a section that had no heat coming it.  I would think that’s kind of irresponsible.  And to give us ice water to boot.  That’s over the top.

This cold is supposed to be with us through the week.  I can’t wait for the weekend’s warm up.  Right now, we’re thirty degrees below the normal for this time of year.  Thirty degrees.  Writing that just makes me shiver some more.