Fridays Are Not The Same Everywhere

Something that gets me is when an employee comes up to me all excited that it is Friday and tells me to have a great weekend.  As if I were off.  The same thing happens when they leave for Christmas vacation or fall or spring break.  I know that they are excited about their time off; however, that time off is not mine.  Weekends are busier for me that weekdays, what with the added Mass schedule.  And their vacation times are usually pretty grueling “work” times for me, especially the Christmas/New Year holiday and, even more so, Holy Week.

I’m not begrudging them their time off.  It just seems humorous to me when they tell me to enjoy myself as if I have the time off.  It always makes me want to go up to them, when I am preparing to leave for vacation, and telling them, “I’m leaving for vacation.  Have fun!”  🙂