Sunset And Haircut And Stuff

The setting sun through the clouds with the blue skies, well, it was just magnificent.  And highlighting our parish’s bell tower?  Well, that was priceless!

When I saw the pictures of myself being pied as well as some pictures I saw of myself with my young parishioners after First Confessions, I realized that I looked like the proverbial hippie.  I was “shaggy dog”.  I remedied that this afternoon.

I asked the person cutting my hair if she could scoop it up off of the floor and glue it onto my bald head.  She laughed and said she’s heard that many times before.  Oh, well.  I’d best get used to being called “chrome dome”.  That’s still better than shaggy dog.  🙂

This afternoon, we had a rather intense discussion at our Priests’ Personnel Board meeting.  I do believe that they priest assignments have been figured out for this year.  We had an intense discussion; but, it’s the bishop that will now have several intense discussions as he calls the people involved and informs them about their new assignments.

We will be meeting as a board at the end of the summer to discuss assignments for next year.  It’s never too late to look ahead as there are always shifting personnel with retirements, ordinations, illnesses, et cetera.  These are the kinds of times especially when I’m glad I’m not the guy in the pointy hat.  You couldn’t pay me enough to have the job of bishop.  I’ll stick to praying for our bishop and supporting him as best as I can.