Double Dose Of Yuck

Last night, I did, indeed, scratch my eyes out and hack my throat up — and it was worth every yucky bit.  This afternoon, I have returned to the scene of the crime, my back deck, for more of the same.  The weather is just too beautiful to allow a few allergies to get in the way.

This morning, I sat with my aunt for an hour or so.  She is well on her way out of this life.  The hospice staff say that she will most likely die by this weekend.  I hope that they are right.  We have said that so many times in the past year and she outlived every prediction.  She is one hearty woman.  But she is more than ready to go to the Lord and see her husband and son once again.  I pray for a peaceful death for her.

When I get sad or anxious, I often come to the backyard and allow nature to speak to me and, hopefully, to soothe me.  I’d like to share Nature’s attempts to do just that today.

The cycle of life and death is one that awaits and haunts.  So many people fear death; but, there is nothing to fear.  For those of us who believe, death in not an ending.  Death is merely a new beginning.  We don’t say goodbye, we say “until we meet again”.  We don’t lament the extinguishing of a candle.  Rather, we acknowledge that we no longer need the candle because the dawn has come.

Look for the light, Auntie Connie, and let it absorb you in it’s pure warmth and love!

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