Another One Bites The Dust

And another month goes
and another month goes
and another month bites the dust.

Time inexorably marches on, does it not, with or without our consent.  I cannot believe that it is now October.  Not only can I not believe it; but, I am not ready for it either.  There are only three months left to the year and so much happens in these next three months.

Next month, in November, I will have to go to Baltimore to attend the annual United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  That should be a real hoot.  In early December, I will spend a couple of days in Indianapolis finally meeting the bishops with whom I have been working via email.  The week after our Indiana provincial meeting, I will find myself in Rome for our meetings with the Pope.

All of this is very surreal.  Many of my priesthood assignments were assignments that I would never have predicted (or picked) for myself.  I have always gone as the Spirit has led.  But leading to a meeting with the pope in Rome?  Weo.

The only good thing about time flying is that my annual trip to Disney approaches.

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