Bleary-Eyes And Cramped Fingers

I had a bit of a marathon today.  My fingers were typing like mad as I went through several days of reflections for the Advent Season.  Last year, we provided a booklet for the parishioners for the Advent and Christmas Seasons.  With my time being eaten up, I do not know if I am going to be able to do the Christmas season; but, I now know that I will be able to finish Advent in order to provide a booklet for the parishioners again this year.

I spoke with the parishioner who proofread my booklet last year.  She is going to receive the reflections this Wednesday and proof them for me.  I will then turn them over to our Stewardship chairperson at the end of this week or beginning of next so that they can be edited for a new booklet.

At this point of the day, my fingers and wrists ache and I am beginning to see a blurry double.  I think I’d best quit perching in front of a monitor on a keyboard for the remainder of the day.

All I can say is, g’night.

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