One Of Those Days

Yeah, today was “one of those days”.  It was long, full of meetings, and filled with being uncomfortable.  The weather — yes, I’m raging against the blasted weather again — is just killing me.  This happens every time around this time of the year.  My sinuses are in full scale lock down and my cough is trying to work its way up to bronchitis.  I sometimes wonder what people with normal lungs feel like but then I remember that, even with all my discomforts, that is all I have: discomfort.  I am not facing the kinds of things that other people have to face.  They face their sufferings with grace.  I face mine with a rather grumpy attitude.

When I get this way, I start fantasizing about vacations.  Yesterday, I planned a short cruise (three days) to go back-to-back with a four day cruise I have coming up in April 2020.  The reason I did that was so that I would have the correct number of days to push me up into the next category in Royal Caribbean’s Crown and Anchor Society.  I will move from Diamond to Diamond Plus status.  That will be my status when I board the Allure of the Seas in November 2020 for a transatlantic cruise from Spain to Florida.  Diamond Plus will gain me access to the Concierge Lounge as well as the Diamond Lounge.  I’ll have a quiet place on board to take my Kindle and read!

So, thoughts of my cruises next year are carrying me past my arthritis and sinus aches right now.  Cruise on!

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