One More Day

In one day, it will be four months.

That might not sound like a lot to you.  However, this past four months has been filled with a LOT of work, stress, and anxiety as well as excitement, success, and fun.  Tomorrow will be four months since I accepted the election to be the administrator of the Diocese of Gary.

If I knew four months ago what I know now, I wonder if I would have said yes?

I have found out things that I never knew and probably some things that I never wanted to know.  I have definitely seen the diocese from a vastly different point of view.  We cannot always know what something is like when we are outside looking in.

Being on the inside, I have come to understand and appreciate much more the work of a bishop and the intricacies of the Church.  Things, and decisions, are not always as easy as we would like to think.

I have been appreciative of the experience of the past four months but, believe you me, I am more than willing to hand the keys to someone else.  I pray daily for a new bishop to be appointed.  I still think it probably will not be until March or April.  And that makes me a little fussy.

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