A Tad Frigid

It was definitely a tad frigid . . . all right, downright cold . . . this evening for Trick or Treat.  I’m sure that the number of visits to houses was down because of the snow and the cold.

In sixteen years here, I have never had anyone stop at the rectory for trick or treat.  We are the only house on this side of the street for several blocks.  It doesn’t do them any good to come to the back of our property.  The only candy I give away is after the vigil Mass for the Holy Day.  We had several people take candy bars after I blessed those ready to go out.

I came back to the house after Mass and snuggled in my recliner.  The weather is eating into my joints and sinuses so it felt good to sit down and bundle up.

I’m chilled to the bones.  Maybe I’ll dream of skeletons dancing in my head tonight.

Happy Halloween!

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