Going Too Fast

I feel as if my life is going way too fast right now.  There has been so much happening at the parish and the diocese and it is hard to keep a hold of it all.  To add to the chaos, there are several funerals this week.  I have three of them and Fr. Declan has two.  I also have Mass for the deceased bishops, priests, and deacons of the diocese Thursday morning and an “event” for CSA Major givers Thursday evening.

On Sunday, November 10, after my 6:30 and 8:00 a.m. Masses, I leave for Baltimore for the week.  I will be attending the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ Annual Conference.

When I get back, I will have three weeks to prepare to leave for Rome for the bishops’ Ad Limina visit with the Holy Father.  I am so not ready for that.  Where’s a new bishop when you need one?!  🙂

So, aside from my sinuses and arthritis killing me, my nerves are on raw ends as I think ahead.  The more I think, the less I sleep.  Ah, me.  Such is life.

I am keeping my sights set on January 5th.  If I can survive the USCCB and the Ad Limina and Advent Penance Services and Christmas/New Year’s, I will be going for my annual R&R at Disney.  Come on, January!  Everything is such a rush right now.

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