First Day Finished

Wow.  Someone’s going to think that I paid the photographer to take my picture this morning!  This was at morning prayer, right as we began our General Assembly.

The day has been very interesting.  I have meet oodles of bishops.  Many of them have been very cordial.  The discussions have been interesting, at times.  At other times, it gets to be like watching paint dry.

Lunch was out of this world.  It was buffet style but had short ribs, a tomato chicken recipe, and the best crab cakes I have had in a LONG time!  Num num.

I’m interested to see what tomorrow will bring.  On Wednesday, the regions meet together in the morning so I will have a chance to meet the guys with whom I will be in Rome in December.

More tomorrow.  Maybe I can get another picture taken.  🙂

On a totally different topic, THANK YOU to all our veterans!

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