Countdown Mode: ON

We had a lengthy committee meeting this afternoon for next week’s evening prayer and Ordination Mass.  There were many people gathered around the table and included the head of police security for the City of Gary.  We have been planning for several weeks and are now “down to the wire”.  It’s kind of crazy to think that, in one more week, the ordination of our next bishop is upon us.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad it’s here.  It’s just crazy to think that it has arrived.

The offices at the Pastoral Center are still ripped up as they change wallpaper and flooring.  We’ve got a lot to do.  We are on a different kind of countdown as well.  We’re counting down the days I have left.  Tomorrow is my last Mass for the Pastoral Center staff (it’s every Tuesday).  After the Mass, they are hosting a “farewell lunch” for me.

I have appreciated the opportunity to get to know our Pastoral Center better over the past several months.  I will take what I have learned — and a few new friendships — with me.

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