It Feels Quite Good

Some of my friends have been asking me how it feels now that Bishop McClory has been ordained and has taken over the running of the diocese.  How does it feel?  Good.  Quite good!  🙂

I am thankful for the opportunity that I had but am even more grateful that I have had the chance to “come home” and busy myself with my parish.  I am picking up funerals again as well as other parish meetings because I actually have the time to do so.

Tomorrow, I will be on more active duty as Fr. Declan leaves for a week and a half of well-deserved vacation.  While I have been doing double duty as pastor here and administrator of the diocese, he has had to double down on the lion’s share of the work at the parish.  He has most definitely earned his time away.

What about me, you might ask?  I’m holding out for Easter week.  On Thursday of that week, I will fly down to Orlando a day early for a cruise that begins on Friday.  I will return to the parish the following Friday, in time for all the weekend Masses to speak about the annual CSA.

I had a funeral this morning, afternoon confessions, and evening Mass.  I’ve got the two early Masses tomorrow so I’m going to get some shuteye.  See you on the flip side.

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