I’m Trying Not To Whine

It was a splendid day today, for the bit that I was able to enjoy.  Had to go to a stroke rehab center to anoint one of my parishioners.  The weather was terrific and, sadly, that is what is causing me so much ouch value.  The fronts are shifting back and forth as another storm system ushers in.  My sinuses do not know what to do with themselves so they will just lock up and swell and press on the nerves at my top teeth and make my teeth feel like they want to burst out through my cheeks.

You know.  The typical sinus stuff.

This is one of the bad times of the year.  I’m used to it by now but, hey, a little complaining never hurt.  Maybe I’ll consider giving up whining for Lent.  Wouldn’t that be terrific?

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