Dropped Seven Points

If you remember, last month I told you that I had a rather unsettling appointment with my eye specialist.  She is keeping a quarterly watch on my glaucoma.  The pressures in my eyes have already caused damage to the optic nerves in the past and she is doing her best to keep my eyes healthy.

When I saw her last month, the pressure in both of my eyes had jumped from 15 to 22.  That was a rather significant jump.  Certainly not “dangerous”; but, definitely alarming.

Because of that, she put me on an additional eye drop.  However, before going on it officially, she wanted to see if it would help.  She told me to put a drop in my right eye each night but to leave my left eye untreated and to come back in a month.  That way, she would be able to find out if the drop was making a difference.

This morning, bright and early (6:30 a.m.), I met her at the office.  She checked my right eye’s pressure.  It had dropped from 22 to 15.  She checked my left eye.  It had remained at 22.  The drop definitely appears to be making a difference.  So now, I will put one drop in each eye at night and see her again in another month.  If the pressures in both eyes remain down, I will have that drop added as drop number three in the regimen of eye drops I take in order to control my glaucoma.

The thought of blindness definitely causes anxiety.  I’m hoping to be able to keep my eyes as healthy as possible for the time that I have.  Here’s hoping that they stabilize with the additional medication.

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  1. Thank God the drop worked! Audrey my traveling partner had to put eye drops in her eyes every night, so I know how that works. It seems you have a good eye doctor!

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